Travis Baxter Jr.
I don't even stay in the park but excitedly awaiting approval. Staff is super friendly. Made a drive over today to check out the park. Personal oppinion is I have not seen to many parks nicer than this one. Rates are really affordable. The facility is extremely nice. The 7 acre pond is really nice with geese everywhere. Residents that did talk to us were extremely friendly. There were dog treats all over for the dogs. The whole facility was extremely clean. I can't imagine any other parks this nice. I currently live in another park that is nice but this park is way nicer. I really hope to become another family member in this great family they are creating here. The place looks and feels awesome. Whether we get approved or not congratulations to the owners and staff for creating something that awesome.
Veta Hicks
Very nice and well maintained park. Staff works daily to keep the park nice and safe. Very peaceful with a slight sound of the interstate when outside, but it isn't bad at all. Would definitely recommend and we would come back to stay!
Alan Franklin
Friendly Host. Quiet and clean park with Propane service.
Sandra Perry
Great place to stay. Great amenities and close enough to town. Friendly people, guest and staff.
Darla Smith
Very friendly people make you feel at home.